Fresh and delicious milk Enjoy the freshness of your cow or buffalo milk with Stockman Enjoy the convenience of our doorstep delivery service

1. HIGH QUALITY RAW MILK pure desi raw milk, No Adulteration, No Chemical, unprocessed as it is Raw Milk.

2. FARM TO FRONT DOOR mILK home delivery from our farm to your doorstep happens within 24 hours, ensuring fresh milk, every morning!

3. GOODBYE CHEMICALS Our milk is free from preservatives and additives. Similarly, we don't give our cows any growth hormones, ensuring pure milk, without any chemicals.

4. PURE DESI COWS We welcome breeds of Desi Cows like Sahiwal and Gir, but not any foreign cows at our farms. This ensures pure milk, without any adulteration of A1.

Milk & Milk Products Fresh and delicious milk products

Mixed Fruit & Veg Box Ideal for small households or those who want more variety in their diet - Mixed Fruit & Veg Box is the perfect way to up your fruit and veg intake!

Fresh fruits & vegetables Get fresh and healthy produce delivered to your doorstep every week - all at a low price!

Variety is the key You'll never get bored of our rotating selection of fruits and vegetables.

Fast Delivery Includes a wide variety of fresh organic fruits and vegetables: Get everything from apples to zucchini in this box!

Enjoy delicious, healthy meals from breakfast to dinner, there's something for everyone in the mixed fruit and veg box.

Vegetables & Fruits Fresh and Natural vegetables & Fruits.

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